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Monday, March 5, 2012

More Photos From "Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies"

The following photos show a few glimpses of John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's assassin and conspiracist. But I still hope they put out a poster soon that features friend of the show and recent Zombie Mob family member Bill Oberst Jr. in his role as President Lincoln.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

AMC Accidentally Confirms A Death In "The Walking Dead"


On the special features for the Season 2 DVD and Bluray packs for "The Walking Dead" there is a special feature labeled "Shane's last episode". This would seem to confirm suspicions for the past few weeks that Shane will be leaving the show....the hard way. Ever since Jon Berthal, who plays the broken best friend to story star Rick Grimes, was cast as the lead in "LA Noir", rumors have been flying that Shane would be killed by the end of this season.

And those rumors would seem to be confirmed now.

Read the article here for more details.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Free Kindle Book: Zomblog, by TW Brown

Get your free copy here. The book is available for free this weekend only (02-04 March 2012).
Samuel Todd is a regular guy: ...Failed husband... ...Loving father... ...Dutiful worker... ...Aspiring rockstar. He had no idea if anyone would care, or take the time, to read his daily blog entries about his late night observations. But what started as an open monologue of his day-to-day life became a running journal of the firsthand account detailing the rising of the dead and the downfall and degradation of mankind...

Free Kindle Book: Dead, The Ugly Beginning, by TW Brown

Get your copy here. They're free this weekend (02-04 March 2012).
The unthinkable has happened. The dead are walking! Humanity's fragile thread may be reaching its bitter end. Individuals and groups struggle to survive...some at any cost. Will there be anybody left? Or, is this just...The Ugly Beginning?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Robert Kirkman Was Planning On Adding Aliens To "The Walking Dead".

Well, not exactly.

But that's what he felt he needed to tell Image comics when it became obvious to him that they were going to pass on his zombie comic idea. They felt that a simple zombie apocalypse and tales of a hero trying to survive just wasn't strong enough to keep readers coming back. They needed something more.

So Kirkman told him that the zombies were a tool used by aliens as a way of softening up Earth's inhabitants before they invaded.

Except, he had no such plan to have aliens come to Earth. And for that we thank you!

Read a recap of the panel discussion here.