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Friday, June 29, 2012

Zombie HQ (Game) - Now Free At The App Store

I saw this article at Dread Central this morning about the game Zombie HQ (visit their website here). The press release reads:
Today, the App Store faces a zombie infestation as mobile game publisher Fuse Powered, in collaboration with renowned development studio, Rebellion, today launched Zombie HQ as a free app for iOS devices. Players must fend off undead hordes and rescue survivors to earn relaxation time in Zombie HQ, as one of the few remaining humans in a city plagued with zombies. 
“Zombie HQ, with its twist on zombie warfare and tongue-in-cheek humor, will provide players with hours of entertainment,” said Jon Walsh, CEO of Fuse Powered. “The mix of RPG, shooter and building aspects of the game create a unique experience for players, and combined with the humor and extensive customization features, make Zombie HQ an amusing adventure.” 
Walsh added, “Working with Rebellion, who is one of the most well known and largest independent European development studios, creating spectacular games such as Sniper Elite V2, has been a privilege, and with their knowledge and our expertise in the mobile gaming industry we are certain Zombie HQ will flourish.” 
After a hard day’s work of zombie killing and leveling up, players can kickback in their Zombie HQ, an ultimate man-cave with pool tables, hot tubs, televisions, turntables and more. Additionally, players can customize their character with a range of clothing items to finish off zombies in style. Zombie HQ is now available for free, with optional in-game purchases, on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.